Truth can be illusive, choices

disconcerting; the promise of

moral certitude irresistible.


In the Midwestern offices of

Secure Star Insurance, Rebecca,

efficient and distant, seeks only

to survive another day.  Sally,

earnest and devout, views the

workplace as a fertile mission

field. Into the agency comes a

new employee, Gladys, gregarious,

unorthodox and twice divorced. 

When an intuitive HR manager

arrives, veneers begin to crack.


To move beyond her smouldering

estrangement Rebecca must come

to terms with her past.  Four years  

earlier she was Sr. Rebecca Marise,

living in a convent replete with

younger members and garnering

the support of an increasing number

of bishops and conservative

Catholics.  When an older nun has a

heart attack Rebecca is abruptly sent

to a backwater mission in Appalachia.

Distanced from the enclave of the

motherhouse and embedded in

social realities of the missionary

outpost, Rebecca is thrust into

into uncharted waters.