I just finished the book “Terrifying

Freedom”.  Just love it!!  It is well

written and the characters seems

so real, that I was a bit sad to be at

the end of the book, like I won’t be

part of their lives anymore.  I like the

dedication at the beginning of the

book…”To all who seek the truth in




Prince George, BC



Linda Smith's novel is a compelling

story of struggle, discovery & finding

peace in a roofless universe.


David Warm

Kansas City, MO



Terrifying Freedom, Linda Anne Smith's

first novel, is an engaging, vivid

narrative that places the reader in the

midst of daily life in a religious

community; the characters are as alive

and real as the members of our own

family. This would make a great movie

or play, one that would be required

viewing for anyone already in, or

contemplating, a religious vocation,

and for all Catholic laity. I have a

renewed appreciation of what the

demands of social justice actually mean.





"Quite compelling and revealing." 


Bill Tammeus, author and columnist



"Linda Anne Smith deftly unfolds the

drama of a person who enters religious

life in search of God and gradually

realizes she is becoming estranged not

only from society but also from herself.

The story takes the reader into the

secluded world of women religious who

create a counterculture by living the

vows of poverty, chastity and obedience

in community while devoting themselves

to educating children. The reader

admires the exemplary commitment

embodied in a spectrum of characters.

Smith's sympathetic depiction of these

figures accounts for the poignancy of

the shadows that emerge from within

the best of people. The narrative

illustrates how a benevolent community

can become a web in which no one

speaks her own mind with the result

that everyone is diminished. In a

perfect world, freedom is terrifying

indeed.... This book belongs both

in the hands of every layperson,

woman religious, priest and bishop

and also in the library of every

diocese, parish, religious house

and seminary in North America."


Michael Duggan PhD

Professor of Religious Studies

St. Mary's University

Calgary, Alberta



I read your novel [Terrifying Freedom]

over the holidays - it is simply

wonderful!!!  Your characters are so

real and believable, and their

struggles palpable. I feel like you

have given me insight into some of

the religious terrain that I have

glimpsed over the years but not

fully understood.  You have started

me on a new course of reading!  

Your novel is a gift to people who

are thinking outside of their

particular religious boxes - or who

feel trapped and are thinking

about thinking.... 


Dr. Tara Hyland-Russell

Vice-President Academic & Dean

St. Mary’s University, Calgary


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A delightful read. I looked forward

to picking up where I left off each

time I set this book down. With

superb organization and description

the author draws us into the struggles

of Rebecca as she grapples with her

questions about the commitment she

has made in her life.  It is a

questioning that is handled with

disarming honesty.



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Terrifying Freedom is a book that

I will read more than once. I enjoyed

the story, the characters and the

descriptive language that held my

attention throughout the entire book.

The author created a world that pulled

you in and left you wondering about

your own beliefs. Rebecca evolved

into someone we all know. She is

someone searching for meaning,

trying to live her life with unwavering

faith only to be hardened by

uncontrollable events. Terrifying

Freedom takes you on a journey

that you will not soon forget.





This compelling novel draws you in

from the first paragraph and keeps

you captivated to the last paragraph.    

Interesting, insightful and irresistible

a great read. Will definitely be placed

in my "Books to Read Again" shelf of        

library. Loved it!


Kimi Yungen




Linda Anne Smith’s novel, Terrifying

Freedom explores the conflicts and

contradictions of ideals. Through

precise descriptions and insights

into the hearts, minds and emotions

of true to life characters Linda weaves

a tantalizing tale of joy, sorrow and

confusion as the main character,

Rebecca has a rendezvous with

truth.  This story grabbed my heart

and wouldn’t let it go.